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Who We Are

River Red Casting was founded in 2011 by Terence C. Stanley and Serena Rosario-Stanley (formerly an Associate Casting Director at T.E.C. Casting) where she worked with directors such as Spike Lee ("The 25th Hour") and the late Sidney Lumet ("100 Centre Street"). River Red Casting is a minority / woman-owned business. 

Since its inception in 2011, River Red has kept busy in the web series world having cast principals for the hilarious East WillyB, the very sexy, Harlem-based Lenox Avenue, and the fiery Whatever It well as principals for two Ann Taylor/LOFT industrials, a commercial for Emirates Airlines, stand-ins for ABC News and both principals and background for several music videos, including Mariah Carey's "Triumphant" video.

​Today, River Red continues to work with top companies in the industry, including Netflix, Hallmark, Toyota, TruTV, DeLeón Tequila, Island Def Jam, Epic Records, itCosmetics, Funny or Die, just to name a few. Highly recommended by the productions they've worked with, River Red is vastly growing in the film industry.

About River Red
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Why Choose River Red

River Red?

Well, not necessarily for the scary image crossing your screen right now. 


We're not a Casting Agency, per se...we're a team of Casting Directors who work under one entity. As a team, we have over 30 years of casting experience...starting from the days of T.E.C. Casting, headed by our business manager, Mr. Tuffy Questell.


Well yes, of course, everyone says they're "different"...hell, isn't that the main question you get when you're trying to land a job over that other people are up for? "What sets you apart from everyone else?"  

According to many actors who have worked for us, they haven't experienced other Casting Directors (or Agencies) who do the following:


* We do our best to let every actor (who submits to a project) know when they did NOT get a they're not sitting around wondering what's going on.

* We stick up for our Actors (from Principals to Extras) if they are being treated unfairly on set. And we our Actors accountable for any possible wrong doing as well.

* We probably over-communicate (to a fault) to make sure information doesn't fall through the cracks. 

Why Us?



"It was a pleasure working with your crew. All were patient, professional and kind."

- Denise W.

The Family

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Terence C. Stanley

Founder | CEO | Casting Director

You are the only agency who let actors know when they did not get the job. You don’t know how much I appreciate that!


- Rachel K.


Serena Rosario-Stanley

Founder | VP | Casting Director

"Thanks for the email, and especially for booking me again on your production.

Always a pleasure and very enjoyable to work with you…and looking forward to the next time!"

-Todd R.


Tuffy Questell

Business Manager | Casting Director

Some of Our Clients

Our Clients
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  • How do I contact River Red Casting?
    You can contact River Red by emailing us at:
  • Can I submit myself for multiple characters within one project?
    Yes! You may submit to as many characters you feel fit your profile.
  • Can I submit a friend or family member to a project?
    Yes! You may submit whomever you like...or they can submit themselves.
  • What is the process for scheduling auditions with River Red?
    Once you submit to a project, you will be contacted (if you are selected to audition for a specific role) via email or phone and we will provide you with detailed instructions for your audition appointment (i.e., time, place, etc.)...we will also provide you with Sides for your audition (if applicable).
  • I would like to schedule a personal audition just so you can see me in can I do that?
    We are currently in the process of adding that opportunity for Actors. This will likely require a fee as we will have to book a space to accommodate a personal audition.
  • I am a Producer looking to hire a casting company for a can I get in touch with River Red?
    Producers and Directors may email us at with 'PROJECT HIRE' in the subject line and we would be pleased to connect with you!
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